Protecting your home and your family.

It is the electro magnetic energy fields around the cables in walls, floors and ceilings which cause the real problems not only in themselves but also because they intensify the wild radiations from the mobile phone masts, radio and TV into your home and workplace. A real devils brew!

All attempts to solve this problem have, until now, failed because they attacked the symptom and not the cause. This is why, for example, the mobile phone operators resorted to large scale propaganda, with questionable analyses, implying that the problem does not exist simply because there has been no solution to the problem.

There was, in a commercial sense, no choice. Now there is!

Harmony evolution to the rescue

When the wild radiations have already been generated it is too late. Not even extremely expensive special insulation for your electric cables can completely stop it and, of course, cell phone, radio and TV wild radiation flies through the air.

To protect your person, carrying a Harmony evolution over your thymus gland will neutralize most if not all of the wild radiations for you.  
If you are an extreme sufferer you may need up to 4 Harmony evolutions, one each on the wrists and ankles to achieve personal immunity.

To eliminate electro smog in your home attaching a special Harmony evolution to the main electric cable into your fuse box will not only eliminate all generation of wild radiation in your home but will also tend to repulse the wild radiations from mobile phones, radio and TV, i.e. only the ordered signals come into your home.




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