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As with cars, the main advantages to "chipping" your heating system may not be the reduced fuel costs.

Unless you are one of those unfortunate people saddled with electric central heating, there is unlikely to be much advantage in "chipping" the fuel source. This would not be a correct application of the technology.

If you do have electric central heating you will get the health benefits and may reduce your electricity consumption by "chipping" the power line into the heating system.

The actual transmitter or carrier of the heating energy is not the fuel but the air in your house/office etc. and, more specifically, the moisture (water molecules) in the air. Dry air is an extremely good heat insulator – it doesn't transmit heat!

Whether your system works by pumping water around a network of radiators or blowing air around a series of ducts, the application of the Harmony evolution is exactly the same.

What we have to do to get the heating system to work more efficiently is to order the water molecules involved in the heating process, i.e. not only those in the air but also, where applicable, those in the water circulating in the radiator system.

Where the air in a room is not ordered, the heat energy will tend, very strongly, to both move in restricted bands and to stay close to the heat source (radiator/hot air duct). In order to get some sort or warmth into the rest of the room, one turns the heating up higher and, consequently, burns more fuel whatever this may be.

If, however, one orders the flow by applying a Harmony evolution to the outside of the cold return air duct or cold return water pipe just before the fan or pump then this will order the airflow (just as in a car) which will both cause more heat to be taken up from the furnace or boiler for the same volume of air or water and for this heat to be more readily transmitted.

Disordered air or water will tend to "isolate" it's heat, i.e. to neither pass it on to nor to accept it from adjacent air or water. In the same way as in a car engine, ordering the air or water facilities a rapid mixing and transmission of energy.

By "chipping" the air or water flow into the heating system one "infects" the room energy with order and the heat spreads itself rapidly and uniformly throughout the room.

This brings us then to the next point: The human body takes up or gives off heat via the water which is 80% of the body volume. Ordered air moisture from a "chipped" heating system will "infect" the human body with order and everything, including the immune system and relationship structures will work much better.

Because one gets much better heat distribution with a "chipped" system, one will usually feel comfortable with a lower heating setting which, automatically, burns less fuel. How long it takes for such savings to exceed the cost of a Harmony evolution is a matter for a individual household or office. There can be no meaningful general statistics. Each family is unique.

Chipping the heating system and the electrical supply brings much more important things than mere fuel cost saving. It will make you healthier, happier and, probably, more prosperous as well.

As with a car, the "side effects" are much more valuable than the savings in fuel costs.

If you wish further advice just drop me an email to karma@harmonyunited.com



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