A Revolution in Health and Well Being

Part 3


“When things persist in doing something different to what theory says they should do then it’s time to junk the theory.”
Albert Einstein.

Even years before the results of the Human Genome project proved absolutely that the theory of Genetic Determinism** is fatally flawed (that’s polite “science speak” meaning total nonsense) there was already a considerable body of hard evidence showing that genes determine nothing whatsoever about anything! It is this hard evidence which forms the basis of the science of Epigenetics.

Much research over more than 40 years shows conclusively that your genes are nothing more than a passive data base from which your cells can copy information as a basic chemical building block.

Using one single gene, your cells can modify that which they have copied to produce more than one thousand different proteins.

In short, it is not your inflexible genes which decide but the intelligence of your living cells constantly modifying their protein systems to attain an optimal relationship with your ever-changing environment.

This knowledge reverses, of course, that which the pharmaceutical companies have been preaching for some decades, i.e.

“you are the helpless victim of your genes and you need us to save you.”

Epigenetics shows clearly that the opposite is the truth, i.e. you are totally in command and your cells have the wherewithal and ability to cope with almost any problem which may confront you.

That the truth sets you free from dependence upon the pharmaceutical cartel is the sole reason why the disproven theory of genetic determinism is still taught in medical schools as though it were true. Further, the general, public media (98% owned by the same people who own the pharmaceutical cartel) also constantly repeat the fairy tale of genes causing illness as though the Human Genome Project had never published its results.

Epigenetics is the science of discovering what actually does happen, i.e. what really causes dis-ease and how to help your cells to naturally adapt and to correct matters.

That pharmaceuticals hinder and even, in some cases, actually prevent the healing process is knowledge which the pharmaceutical cartel must, at all costs, prevent reaching you - their very existence depends upon you remaining in ignorance which brings us, naturally, to that most maligned of terms; The Placebo Effect.

Now, literally vast sums of money continue to be spent in obfuscating the placebo effect - sufficient to end homelessness throughout the First World!
What is so threatening to the pharmaceutical cartel that the truth must, at all costs, be prevented from reaching you?

Let us take a typical example of the testing procedure for a new pharmaceutical.
The standard test is called a “double blind test” in which three groups of people are taken all of whom either have or are judged to be at risk of getting a particular illness.
One group is given the medication; one is given a salt injection or sugar or chalk pill and told that they have been given the medication;
the third group receives nothing at all.

The medication is adjudged to be effective if around 30% of the first group improve and almost none in the third group do so. That the second group will also show a similar percentage improvement although they actually received no medication is called “The Placebo Effect”.
Now, a great deal of effort has been invested in convincing you that this proves that 30% of the people in group 2 are a little crazy and have been duped by a sugar pill.

What it actually shows, however, is something very, very different.

The common factor in the improved health in around 30% of groups 1 & 2 is the belief in the efficacy of the medication. Whether the medication was actually received or not has no bearing on this.
It is the belief and not the chemical which has healed!!!

The Placebo Effect is the incontrovertible proof that pharmaceutical medicine has no relevance to health!

Now you see just why so much effort is expended in hiding this simple truth?

Epigenetics shows clearly that the ancient teachings of the spiritual healers are scientifically verifiable: You can think yourself into illness and, just as easily, think yourself well again. Meditation, yoga, chi quong and similar techniques which teach a way of physical, emotional and mental balance have been scientifically proven to improve and to protect health, wealth and ability.

Epigenetics is the science of taking your power back from the cartels, putting it where it belongs - in your hands - and then showing you how to use it.

Useful further reading and viewing:
“The Biology of Belief” from Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD. in most good book shops
There are, further, a number of DVDs available from Bruce’s own shop here:

** The now long disproved Theory of Genetic Determinism states that all character traits and illnesses are caused by your genes. (see part 1 of this series). To do this, more than 214,000 genes would be required but, as the Human Genome Project showed, there are only a little more than 22,000; only very slightly more than 10% of the number needed for the theory to fit with reality!

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