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Part 2


It may be, perhaps, to some not clear what this actually means.
Let us, therefore, begin with a simple example which everyone knows about; the radio in your car.

For a radio to function, two things are necessary - something must encode a sound, transform it into an electromagnetic signal and then radiate it. Something must then receive the electromagnetic signal and then decode it into sound.
This, in simple words, is the principle: The radio station which encodes sound, sends the code through the air where your radio receives, decodes and converts back into sound.

BUT! There are often many different radio stations in your vicinity. Why do you only hear one?

You have a tuner in your radio. With this, you select the frequency of the sender you wish to hear. When you have “tuned it in” you hear the station you’ve selected because the radio station and the receiver in your car are in resonance, i.e. they vibrate at the same frequency. It is this which enables information to be transferred from one to the other.

So, just why is this so important with health?

Not only dis-eases but also their dissolution are transferred by resonance!
Although the words may be modern, this is not really new knowledge. Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century noticed this when using pharmaceuticals. If he diluted the medication for physically weakened patients, the effect remained the same!
This led him to experiment with water, the principle information carrier for this planet (Water article here), diluting the chemical substance more and more until none could be detected.

The effectiveness of the “medication” actually increased because the poisonous physical compounds were no longer present!

It is the information which brings the healing effect and not the chemical carrier.
This is the basis of homeopathy - establishing a resonance between the ailing being and the correcting information which brings about a return to the natural order. Two Noble Prizes have already been won for work on this as you can see for yourself in this video interview with Professor Bruce Lipton PhD:

It is this which enables the far greater precision of homeopathy over pharmaceuticals.

This is, further, exactly why the pharmaceutical cartel is trying so hard to have homeopathy banned - it is much more effective at a tiny proportion of the costs! The pharmaceutical manufacturers cannot compete with it and so they resort to using their enormous cash reserves and political pull to prevent your access to it.

As some, undoubtedly, know, the curriculum in western medical schools is designed and dictated by the pharmaceutical cartel.
This is why student doctors are taught nothing about nutrition and a wide spectrum of other factors of extreme importance to health:

Medical students are being trained to sell pharmaceuticals; anything which detracts from this is either not mentioned or lied about.

You may have noticed that the members of the medical profession who denounce homeopathy are almost exclusively the newly qualified doctors.
They have been indoctrinated to do this during their schooling and do not yet have any practical experience.
It is the older doctors with many years’ experience who are retraining in homeopathy and other non-pharmaceutical methods.
In some areas, the numbers of doctors leaving pharmaceutical medicine and re-training in homeopathy, naturopathy, tradition Chinese medicine and others have, for some years, exceeded the numbers of new doctors being trained to replace them.

This should tell you something of overbearing importance for your health.

Returning to our topic of resonance directly, we note that in any so called “epidemic” at least 96% of the people in the “infected area” remain completely unaffected. This is a factor of enormous importance which requires urgent explanation but is assiduously ignored because the answer is the true death knell of the highly profitable vaccination scam.
If a dis-ease is not spread by some “germ” - obvious from public medical statistics and, thereby, undeniably correct - then what does happen? Before we answer this question, however, we need to introduce one other factor.

Almost all of the events which we have been taught to believe are illnesses are, in fact, natural detoxification and rebalancing techniques.

Take the “common cold” as a prime example. Medical “science” has not even managed to find a germ to blame and yet sells billions in quack nostra each year in order to “cure” a cold.

What is actually happening, and the reason why the “cold season” has it’s height in the late Autumn and early Winter, is that your body is ejecting cooling substances such as cow dairy produce and refined sugar in order to conserve body heat during the cold season.

There is also an emotional factor involved, i.e. sadness.
Retained tears have a very cold energy and can even, in extreme cases, lead to kidney failure. When the Sun is shining it’s easier to ignore your sadness. When it goes and it becomes colder then, if you won’t cry them out, your body has to find some way of ejecting the tears. Basically, it shoves it out of your nose. This is especially likely to happen at a time when everything is “getting up your nose” and you’re feeling down and weak.

So, then, how is that work colleagues and members of your family tend to “get a cold” as well?
These are all people with whom you are constantly in resonance, with whom you are constantly exchanging information. When you give a signal which says to their body’s system that now is a good time to eject coldness then they are quite likely to do so.
Other people that share the street or the bus with you do not “catch your cold” because there is too little resonance between you for the signal to be communicated.

Exactly the same holds true for any epidemic; resonance can lead to the partial collapse of natural immunity at the specific frequency of a particular malady. This is how dis-ease spreads.

The emergence of a particular bacterium or virus in large numbers is incidental thereto and often a part of the healing process.

In keeping with the philosophy of pharmaceutical medicine, however, the cause of the problem will never be sought.
Pharmaceuticals are almost never a part of the solution to a problem but are very handy at suppressing the symptoms for a time. Blaming one of the symptoms (effects) of a problem for all the other symptoms does, however, make it possible to sell vast amounts of pharmaceuticals without doing anything truly useful for humanity.

Further reading on this topic will be necessary to begin to truly grasp what this means for your health and well-being. Taking matters back into your own hands (where they belong) results in far less illness and an 80% to 90% reduction in health care costs.

 Further reading:

Prof. Pierre Béchamp & Gaston Naessens “Quantum Physics and human Health
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