Sport and fitness

Being effective and moving effectively are determined by coordinated thought and form. The Harmony evolution naturally and progressively removes disturbances which hinder this coordination. As you come more and more into accord with yourself, your movements naturally become more effective.

Of course muscle strains, injuries and weaknesses will heal much quicker through the use of the Harmony evolutions. Just tape the Harmony evolution to the affected part and let nature take her course. This is, however, a side issue.

For each sport it is a quick exercise in observation and logic to determine where the Harmony evolutions can best be applied. For example:

Running and jumping occupies mostly the legs and lower back and the point of highest load is the ming-meng point. So, logically, tape the Harmony evolution there.

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If you use more than one Harmony evolution you can place two in the groin directly on the main muscle bands as they pass over the pelvic bone 

men  women

Weight lifting places the greatest load on the small of the back; so your Harmony evolution goes there.

Tennis occupies the shoulders and deltoids so your Harmony evolutions go exactly between them just under the collar bones



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