The Harmony evolution and Animals.

To date there has been very little work done in this area. None of our resident staff are trained in animal welfare and our focus has, therefore, been upon human and environmental issues.

This said, there have been anecdotal reports of considerable improvements in health and happiness both in pets and working animals. As the basic biology is very similar to that of humans, this is to be expected.

As animals have no judgements about what should and should not work and, instead, rely 100% upon their own perception and experience they have been known to seek out the Harmony evolution when they don't feel so good and they've had a previous experience of "chipping."

It is impossible for a Harmony evolution to do any harm so, if your animals have problems, just try it.

A Harmony evolution upon your dog's collar or under his basket has been known to bring many benefits.

A horse had a Harmony evolution bandaged to his leg and an arthritic inflammation which had seriously hindered his movements had almost disappeared within a few days!

There is good reason to believe that race horses will be able to run better with a special application of the Harmony evolutions. This, however, has not yet been tried. Volunteers welcome!


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