Aircraft and Electro Smog

It is, of course, not even a well kept secret that this is a considerable problem.

Only the solution is missing.

There is only so much that one can do with special insulation and no insulation known to man can stop chaotic scalar waves, the real health hazard.

You see, all organic life uses scalar waves to communicate within itself. Anything else would be too slow and complex creatures such as human beings would be impossible. Additionally, the information which your organs need to grow properly and to repair and regenerate themselves is contained in the universal scalar information surrounding you. (see: Main Index - Technology - Quantum Physics).

If the scalar information flow, either internally or externally, is disrupted or perturbed then there occurs blurring in your body's internal communication and distortion in the growth and repair information.

Now, as you probably already know, wearing a Harmony evolution will neutralise most of the effects of electro smog for you personally. Where, however, electro smog is very intense, e.g. where a great deal of electrical activity is concentrated in a metal tube isolated from the rest of the World or where overlapping mobile 'phone transmission fields node, etc. then additional measures are appropriate.

My personal average is very much more than one flight per week. I am, therefore, acutely aware of just how much of a problem this can be. I have known the electro smog in aircraft to be so bad that I needed my Harmony Headphones to neutralise it.

To date, we have not had access to a commercial airliner in a hanger and so cannot yet say exactly where the Harmony evolutions are to be applied. I suspect, however, that the correct procedure would be to go directly to the Harmony Super Charger whereby some very interesting additional benefits are to be anticipated, not the least of which will be considerable improvement in perceived passenger comfort.


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