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All Harmony evolution products bear a six month unconditional, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 

Further, all Harmony evolution products are guaranteed to function for at least ten years.

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Harmony Super Charger

  • Improve road holding - reduce tyre wear
  • Improve engine efficiency - reduce engine noise and increase power
  • Improve braking - better vehicle control, shorter braking distance and reduced brake wear
  • Improve fuel burn - reduce both consumption and exhaust gasses
  • Eliminate confusing electro smog - be more aware and, hence, safer on the road


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This is the version for private cars, pick-ups and light vans.

The larger version for lorries, busses etc. is in development

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Harmony Set 2
One Harmony Evolution.
One Harmony Super Charger.
Two Harmony Phone Chips
Complete packet
1 Home and Office Harmonizer
1 Harmony Super Charger
3 Harmony Evolutions
4 Harmony Minis

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