Migraine is the learned habit of suppressing your own vivacity. It happens when a child is constantly denied the expression of its own exuberance and required to be still and quiet, i.e. "do not disturb."

As an adult, sometimes even as a juvenile, that person will have an ingrained habit of suppressing their own jois de vivre. This causes a nerve cramp, beginning in the tail bone/sacrum joint which manifests itself as grid lock in the brain. To learn more about this, you can obtain the migraine handbook from the 543 book shop.

Generally, a migraine attack will be over in about half an hour when a Harmony Evolution is placed upon the most painful spot. Wearing a Harmony Evolution continuously upon the tail bone/sacrum joint will, over about 4 months completely dissolve the habit of self suppression and not only remove the pain but also allow your life to be vivacious as you always wanted it to be.


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