What is Quantum Physics?

When I am asked what quantum physics is, I am compelled to answer that it is the final scientific proof that God is real. Here I do not mean the little "Christian" god of some ancient being sitting on a white throne in some remote corner of the universe and needing a hierarchy of priests to "communicate his will" to you poor "lost sinners". No, I mean the whole majestic undeniable universal presence of God. I mean "Paramatma" from the vedic teachings. I mean "Thou art God" in all spiritual teachings where truth is placed before personal power, greed and ego.

This is what Quantum Physics tells us:

The entire universe is conscious.

There are no random "just happened" events.

All forms, all creatures, every animal, bird, insect, flower, bacterium, fish - everything are expressions of consciousness arising out of the information contained in the Quantum Fields which are God.

Without this informed, universal consciousness being the information needed to grow your body, your organs, your skeleton - everything you have - no body would be possible. It is the universal divine presence which absolves you from chaos and gives you being.

Nothing is or can be separate from the Quantum Fields (God). Thou ART God! This is reality. This is your majesty and your glory. No man or woman is more or less than any other for all of us partake of the same "flesh of God" - the Quantum Information which gives us eternal life and being.

There is no danger, for consciousness is deathless, eternal and universal. You are and can never unbe!

Only form can change and this alone at the behest of consciousness, i.e. you!

Science has come full circle: Science began as the attempt to explain the universe "better" than "the church" could. Science sought proof based upon facts and not upon a requirement to blindly believe "or you imperil your immortal soul" (if it's immortal, how can it be imperilled? I ask.) Science has achieved its objective; first by proving that much of that which "the church" required you to believe is nonsense. Science did, however, not stop there and still has not stopped. Science went on to show that the original spiritual teachings, before they were distorted to permit a priesthood to satisfy egocentric desires to control others and to create chaos out of harmony, are a true, scientific statement of how the universe is structured and functions:

In the beginning was The Word (the command to be) and The Word was with God and The Word was God. ……..  All things were made by God ……………..  in God was life and the light (being consciousness) was the life of mankind. (St. John's Gospel; Bible) Quantum physics shows this to be a simple, true and accurate description of the universal consciousness of which we are all part. Just as you are in God, so is God within you. You need no priesthood to talk to yourself. Science, which sought to replace god, has, in the end, rediscovered GOD for you.

This is what Quantum Physics is - the rediscovery of who you are and the herald of a new beginning for mankind as he re-awakens her divine presence here on Earth.

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