A very special Valentine Event


From Valentine’s day, February 14th, the Harmony Technology stands in the sign of Love, Partnership and Relationships.
It is not possible to exaggerate how important it is for your quality of life to harmonize the energy for these.

There is something that almost all women and daily more men know about relationships:

A very large part of the communication in all sorts of relationships takes place not merely in words but on many different levels at the same time. These are the energy waves which everyone radiates and receives. These energy waves are, however, very susceptible to distortion by perturbing information such as low self-esteem, fear, electro smog and many other influences. This, in turn, can lead to that which you wish to communicate being received by your partner in a distorted form or even the complete opposite of what you meant!


It is possible for communication to fail in many different ways and it is not only unintentional distortions in what is said and done but also the “filters” (such as emotional expectations from previous relationships) which distort the reception. It is this multiple distortion which causes the not uncommon experience that that which is heard is very different to that which you intended to say. At times, it can even be the exact opposite!

Removing perturbing and distorting Influences

The way in which the Harmony Technology functions, that is its ability to return optimal order to any system whatsoever, brings about the progressive removal of that which creates the problems and the gradual elimination of misunderstanding. This, of course, removes an enormous amount of stress from the relationship and lets the latent clarity, peace and creativity come to the fore. (There is also, usually, as a pleasing side effect, improvements in general health as the technology also brings this back into natural order.)

You can read more about the technology by clicking on this link


The Harmony Technology is not only for intimate relationships

This greatly increased clarity does not happen just in intimate man – women relationships, it is attained in all forms of human undertakings:

  • Business relationships, including all forms of consultancy
  • Leisure activities
  • Social, sport and other clubs etc.
  • Families
  • Confrontations
  • etc.

Must everyone wear a Harmony Device?

Although helpful, it is by no means necessary. The benefits will also take place even if only one wears the Harmony Evolution as Beverly from New York, USA reported –

“Since I began wearing my Harmony Evolution, my mother has become a reasonable person!”

or Connie from British Columbia, Canada – “the 14 year long strife with my mother just evaporated over the first four weeks wearing my Harmony Evolution”

The effect is, of course, much, much stronger when both or all participants in the relationship are wearing a Harmony Evolution or Pendant or are in a place "protected" by a Home and Office Harmonizer or even the amazing Harmony Omega!

For conferences, including family conferences (and please bear in mind that sitting on the couch holding each other is one of the most intensive conferences possible) then the use of a Home and Office Harmonizer or even the Harmony Omega to clear all disturbances and perturbation from that space and to optimize all energy flows within it will bring you enormous benefits.
Some of these and not only those accruing from business conferences can be expressed in considerable cash benefits - remove the perturbation which have been preventing more wealth and the natural abundance becomes the only available option. This will then express itself in many different ways, including your cash flow.

It is not necessary for everyone present to even be aware that one of the Harmony Devices is present. The technology can never impose anything but only a very disturbed person would choose chaos rather than harmony. In any event, the rooms and the conference will be harmonized and the optimized energy flows will ensure that a true meeting of minds takes place.


BUT! Also when you are out and about –

you want to keep in contact and to be understood when you’re talking on your mobile (cell) ‘phone (and also remain healthy whilst doing so). No problem; the Harmony Partner Set includes two Harmony Minis which will not only completely eliminate the electro smog but also keep your communication on the telephone clear.
Further details here.

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And, remember:

Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty

All Harmony evolution products bear a six month unconditional, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 

Further, all Harmony evolution products are guaranteed to function for at least ten years.

Wishing you a wonderful life,

Karma, Joachim and the entire Harmony Team

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