Information structures and electro smog on the road

As you have seen from the electro smog pages (Main Index - personal applications) electro smog not only distorts and confuses the information you are receiving, it can also seriously impair your ability to process it. This leads to perceptual errors, false judgements and anxiety - exactly the things which not only make driving a stressful experience but are the main cause of collisions etc..

The Harmony Super Charger not only eliminates all electro smog both from the car and in your vicinity, it also orders the all the information structures around you. It will even order the synaptic structures of your brain.

This means that you not only get much better quality information, you can also think both more clearly and faster. This makes your driving experience not only much more enjoyable but also much less strenuous.

This is why so many drivers of "chipped" vehicles report that their vehicle feels safer:
It IS safer, simply because you are much more aware of what is going on around you.



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