Quantum Biophysics, Resonance, Epigenetics..
A Revolution in Health and Well Being

Part 1

There are many things going on in the world today which one can only describe as the harbingers of a total revolution in the way in which we perceive human life.
Dramatic changes in health care are already breaking through the old model and relegating it to history; and this not in any small way.

Primary health care as we know it today may well completely disappear over the next couple of decades as it becomes clear to more and more citizens not only that present day conventional medicine fails to deliver in over 90% of cases but precisely why it is failing.

As a science based health concept replaces the pharmaceutical marketing based sickness industry, costs will fall by, at least, 80% as effectiveness rises way beyond anything imaginable in our present circumstances.

Many of the modern techniques are “bubbling under” and could break through into general awareness within a very short time. Some are even well-established but not generally understood. What we need to do is to not only take a good long look at the new paradigm but also to understand, scientifically, just why they are so much more effective than the pharmaceutical based medicine which they are rapidly replacing. To help with this undertaking, we need to take a quick look at the way in which quantum biophysics is revolutionising our awareness of how the human body actually functions.

Classical, Newtonian physics concerns itself with what appear to be isolated physical events.
In the Newtonian model, people are born, they go through pre-programmed processes of growth and degeneration and then they die and there is nothing more.
Somewhere, somehow, miraculously, self-awareness appears literally out of nowhere and then, at death, disappears again.

It was this which gave rise to the postulate propounded by Watson and Crick more than 50 years ago: Genetic Determinism, a postulate which proposed that all human events and experiences are genetically pre-determined. This found great favour with the pharmaceutical manufacturers because it teaches that patients (customers) are helpless victims of their genes and a rescuer with a syringe is their only hope.

The Human Genome Project was a very expensive long-term examination of the entire human genetic structure. It was hoped that it would give rise to new possibilities to make and to sell mega-expensive gene changing drugs.
What it showed, however, is that the postulate itself is arrant nonsense! Instead of the more than 200,000 genes which would be necessary to support the postulate of Genetic Determinism, the result of the Human Genome project showed that there are only just over 22,000. Nearly 180,000 too few!!!

Despite this fact, in medical schools, genetic determinism and other long disproven postulates such as vaccination are still taught as required beliefs. I write “required beliefs” because there is no scientific evidence supporting them and such studies as have been made all show the claims about them to be untrue. Making the truth public, however, would drastically reduce the sales of the pharmaceutical cartel that, incidentally, also controls the curriculum in medical schools.

Quantum physics, on the other hand, concerns itself with the causational impulses which give rise to physical objects (such as your body). It is a much, much deeper and more profound view of the world as we experience it. Quantum physics could, perhaps, be correctly described as the science of creation. Quantum physics sees objects not as isolated machines (as in the Newtonian model) but as expressions of a single, unified field of unlimited energy. What causes this energy to coalesce into matter is its area of competence.

Quantum Biophysics is a specialised application of Quantum Physics in which the causational structures of biological systems are studied.
This means that we move away from the hit and miss guesswork of conventional medicine and, through understanding the real causes of function and malfunction, we become able to apply correction at the point of origin of a problem.
This, then, replaces completely the enormously expensive and largely ineffective attempts to chemically suppress the effects (the symptoms) of a problem.

In part 2 we will look at the meaning and importance of resonance in our lives.

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