it was this day, the 25th of July in 2005, ten years ago that Serendipity chose to intervene in your life and mine.

At 5.30 that morning, in a tent upon the South Downs in England, I experienced one of the most amazing events of my life.

More out of idle curiosity than with any purpose, I had put on the Harmony Headphone set which Joachim, the inventor of the technology, had given me as a Christmas present at the end of 2004. I then proceeded to practice a rather complex manifestation exercise.

Instead of the usual 30 minute battle to release, layer by layer, the learned resistance to having what I really wanted, each objection was disappearing as soon as it began to raise its head! Instead of a 30 minute battle, the exercise was successfully completed in less than 5 minutes with almost no effort on my part!

This experience lead, of course, to many weeks of intensive study into just what the Harmony Headphone Set is and exactly what it can do.

The result is as you can see in the webpage and video here:

Initially, ten lessons in the basic usage of the Harmony Headphone Set were published.

As further experience was gathered and more of the abilities of the amazing device were discovered, a further 5 weeks were added.

What the training does is to teach you how to focus the action of the Harmony Headphone Set into specific areas of your life (the first ten weeks) and to, then, open abilities that you never knew even existed let alone that you have them. This is the content of the additional 5 weeks.

To celebrate this birthday event, there is a special discount code which will give you a 10% lower price when you enter it into the “discount voucher” box just below your address.

The special code is - 10thbirthday -. This discount code is set to switch itself off at some date in the near future. I’m not going to tell you when but if you act soon, you will not be disappointed.

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