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Home and Office Harmoniser

Home and Office Harmoniser

  • Installed in seconds.
  • Functions immediately and continuously.
  • Removes all health damaging influences.
  • Corrects the effects of disharmoneous proportions.
  • Creates a nurturing and harmoneous environment.
  • Price includes air courier delivery World wide.


The work which we have done with standard Harmony Chips over the years shows that the corrections to the home and work environment can give even a cash benefit (profit on your investment) in a very short time. In one case, just 13 hours to show a profit! Not only does increased well-being lead to a more productive life, certain costs are often dramatically reduced.

The Home and Office Harmoniser represents a very significant advance in this area, offering not only considerable reduction in costs but also installation without the need for expert consultation regarding placements.

It is suggested that one Home and Office Harmoniser is adequate for around 200 square metres (2150 square feet). Larger buildings may require more. Details upon request via this link.

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