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All Harmony evolution products bear a six month unconditional, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 

Further, all Harmony evolution products are guaranteed to function for at least ten years.

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Harmony Evolution

  • Revitalise your blood
  • Protect yourself from electro smog
  • Improve your golf
  • Improve your sport performance
  • Rapid recovers from injuries
  • Speed up your personal development
  • Become clearer and cleverer
  • Revitalise water


This is the more powerful Harmony Evolution which supercedes the older Harmony Chip Classic. It can be used in virtually any application .

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₤ 155.00    pcs.  
delivery time: 2 - 7 days

supplementary products

Associates Application
You want to apply to Harmony United to be accepted into their Associates Programme? Add this application-product into the basket.
You must have previously (or now) purchase(d) a Harmony Chip to qualify to apply for associate status.
₤ 20.00 /

Also available at a special price in our combination offers

Harmony Set 1
Set of 1 Harmony Evolution and 2 Harmony Phone Chips
₤ 225.00 /
Complete packet
1 Home and Office Harmonizer
1 Harmony Super Charger
3 Harmony Evolutions
4 Harmony Minis
₤ 1,723.00 /

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