I've been asked to explain how it is that all these benefits from sticking Harmony Phone Chips into your shoes happen. Well, here's the answer to date (14th June 2008)

So how, exactly, does this all work.

The honest answer is that we don't know, not exactly, not yet anyway.

As with so much about the Harmony Technology, we observe what happens, we see that almost everyone using the technology in the same way for the same objective gets the same benefit but, in many cases, we can only speculate as to what the exact mechanism is which brings this about. So is it here with the Harmony Phone Chips in the shoes. I was more astonished than most about this effect as it seemed to run contrary to what I then believed. Well, the best thing to do with a belief disproved by events is to get rid of it. And so I did.

Part of the riddle is that knowledge about how and why the human body works is very much in its infancy and theories are being created and disproved almost daily. You would not necessarily notice this unless you were, as I am, on the forefront of such research. Much of the "Folk Wisdom" which has been temporarily replaced by medical theory, not because it could be shown to be incorrect, mark you, but merely because no-one could explain it in scientific terms, turns out to be true after all. The body of evidence which shows that it is medical theory which is of highly questionable validity grows daily. Simultaneously, quantum physics validates ever more of the old "Folk Knowledge".

It is into this interregnum, this period of rapid change, discovery and re-discovery that the Harmony Technology has found a place bridging a gap between newly disproved assumptions about how a human being can be and not yet fully formed explanations of the far greater reality to which materia medica had temporarily blinded us.

Whatever the final answer turns out to be, it is the attribute of the Harmony Technology enabling it to create order out of chaos which may well prove to be the driving force behind a completely new understanding of what life is and that life does not need to be forced to be healthy but will always and very happily do it itself were it but given the chance to do so. This is what the Harmony Technology is about.

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