The Home and Office Harmonizer in Extreme Test! 

This last week, (up to 3rd of October 2007) we really put the Home and Office Harmonizer to the test.

At the weekend, we took a stand at the Natural Healing Exhibition in Munich, Germany. We know these halls well, having participated in every Senior Citizens Exhibition since they started. The problem with electro smog in the halls makes the exhibitions there quite strenuous for those participants who do not have Harmony evolutions. We have many times asked to be allowed to "chip" the main power lines to make the environment much pleasanter for all but, to date, the request has not yet worked it's way high enough through the bureaucracy to get any answer at all.

On Friday the 28th of September, (the first day of the exhibition) the typical exhaustion and irritability was quickly visible.

On Saturday the 29th, I attached a Home and Office Harmonizer prototype to the wall behind our stand which was in the left rear corner of the hall. Within 30 minutes, the effects had even been noticed in the entrance to the hall! Within ¾ hour, all the electro smog was gone.

During the entire Saturday and Sunday, the typical problem of grasping that this almost fabulous technology actually exists and functions was very noticeably much less then usual. The direct experience of the technology in action is very convincing, even if you don't, consciously, know where it is coming from.

Many in the hall commented that the entire Exhibition suddenly became much more harmonious and peaceful on Saturday.

After the exhibition, one of our most active German associates borrowed the Home and Office Harmonizer to test it on a number of problem houses in her town. This is her report:

"In my own house, a new, very good atmosphere rapidly became apparent. We also experienced that a relationship problem between two guests who were in the house for a few hours completely evaporated.  

Testing the Home and Office Harmonizer on a house with known problems, we were able to show with vitality tests that an old, stagnant and suffocating energy form had been so completely dissolved that it would have even been possible to sleep in the room which, previously, had been, for many, unendurable after 15 minutes!

My husband also took the Home and Office Harmonizer for a few hours to his mother's home. In that time, both he and she noticed that the chronic fears which had plagued her for years were very considerably reduced."

On the previous Monday, the 25th of September, Joachim carried out a further test at a presentation in Munich:
After about ¾ hour as the room began to be little stuffy, he fixed the Home and Office Harmonizer to the wall above the inner side of the entrance door. Within 3 minutes, the air was again refreshing. This was just the beginning!
(Here I must digress a little for those wondering why he didn't just switch the air conditioning on - Most European buildings don't have it!)

Each participant was sent into the kitchen along the corridor to get a glass of water and to taste it before re-entering the room. The water glasses then stood for 2 minutes on the tables and then the water was tasted again. Everyone noted that the water not any tasted much better, it was also somehow much smoother! (Again I digress for those in N. America. Most European city water is fairly drinkable. It is not good water but it is also not nauseous).

This effect is, of course, well known to all who own a Harmony evolution. Placing one under a glass of water will revitalise the water and change both its taste and its structure. That the new Home and Office Harmonizer will do the same thing from a distance of 12 meters (40 feet) and more is a real eye opener as, if it will do this to water in a glass, it is also going to optimise the water in your body (which is, in fact, around 70% water). The effects of this are considerable: Not only will all chemical processes in your body work much better, it will also be much more efficiently cleaned of metabolic wastes and residues. This not only leads unavoidably to better health but also to clarity of thought, feeling and living.

Our experience with commercial property and the Harmony evolution Classic is that the optimisation of working and living spaces brings not only positive health advantages to those spending time there but also rapidly shows a cash profit for the company owners. This is why we charge $2500.00 (₤1300.00) each per day just for the analysis and consultation. The cost of the Harmony evolutions and their application is additional. Herein lies the importance for you of this major technical breakthrough, the Home and Office Harmonizer: That for which a commercial undertaking would gladly pay $12,000.00 (₤6,000.00) and more is now available to you at a small fraction of the cost!

Shop owners, small businesses, health practitioners of all kinds, in fact any small enterprise will note that the application of a Home and Office Harmonizer above the inner side of the entrance door will with absolute certainty lead to improvements both in turnover and profit. At this point, I must point out that owners of businesses based on fraud and other swindles should, under no circumstances, use a Home and Office Harmonizer: This would lead to the rapid dissolution of the enterprise.

Last year we prepared the concept of "Harmony Inside" whereby any business, shop or practise which uses the Harmony technology would be offered the right to display a sign similar to this one. This would give prospective customers and clients a chance to learn about the quality, clarity and integrity of the business before even entering the premises. We had to lay the project on ice last year because something was missing to make the project feasible - with the Harmony evolution Classic, I would have had to personally visit and install the Harmony evolutions in all premises to be certain that they were being used correctly. Now we have the missing piece. Anyone can correctly install a Home and Office Harmonizer within seconds!

As the Harmony Inside concept spreads, anyone will be able to completely anonymously, via a website which we shall dedicate to the purpose, not only search for businesses using the technology but also check that a business displaying the sign does, in fact, use the technology.

The Harmony Inside concept will shortly be available.

Karma Singh
6th October 2007

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