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1) All products sold via this website have proven effective and successful in over 90% of cases. Notwithstanding, as each human being is a totally unique individual and, as we have no control over exactly how you use the product purchased, we can and do offer no guarantee whatseover of any particular effect or success.

2) There is a six month satisfaction guarantee on all Harmony Technology products. At any time within six months of delivery to you, you may return the product(s) to us for a 100% refund of the purchase price provided that the following conditions have been met:

a. The device has not been sold as clearance item at a reduced price.

b. The device has been used in the manner specified on this website for general application for a reasonable time (at least one month).

c. If the device has been purchased to resolve a specific problem, you have obtained the relevant usage instructions via the Harmony United contact form and have used the device in the manner specified for a minimum of the time speciified in the free consultation or for a mimimum of one month, whichever is the longer.

d. The device(s) returned are completely undamaged.

e. You have notified us of your intention to return and have mailed the device(s) by registered mail or courier to the address given to you for return.

3) All Harmony Technology products are guaranteed to function for at least ten years. Products returned under this guarantee will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

4) Any and all goods or services delivered remain our exclusive property until such time as irrevocable payment in full has been received by us. Payments to third parties do not constitute receipt of payment by us.

5) This is the official website of the owner/creator/manufacturer of the product(s) purchased. Only claims made upon this website are admissible as true and correct statements about such products. Claims made by third parties cannot be contsrued as confirmed by us unless in writing directly by us.

6) In the event of any legal dispute, all contracts are subject exclusively to english law.

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