Free eBook: "What is your body saying?"

Karma Singh has produced this eBook exclusively for registered users.. In it he describes, how your body is permanently talking to you and why it is so crucial to understand this language.

It is just at the point when one feels completely overloaded that one gets a cold in the head! Thus is the expression, "this really gets up my nose" made manifest. Actually, the runny nose is the body's way of relieving itself of this pressure.

This is an example of one of the many small ways in which our bodies seek to impart information to us. The truth is that each and every part of our bodies is capable of giving us guidance in our thoughts and our lives. If some part of the body registers protest by being painful or ill, the quickest way to get things back "in order" is to recognise and accept what our body is saying to us and to carry out appropriate corrective action.

In this invaluable 46 page ebook, Karma Singh shows you how to read and to use your own body to recognise and correct the cause of the things which don't work in your life: The way to success using your own body as guide.

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