Just what IS electro smog?

What it isn't is electricity, mobile 'phones and the like per se but the, until now, unavoidable wild radiations around cables antennae and the like.

Up to 28% of all electrical energy used can be wasted in wild radiations!

If you live or work close to a mobile 'phone transmitter mast, for example, these wild radiations can be extremely dangerous. There are many people, myself included, who can barely stand 3 feet from a mast. Many hundreds of thousands of people experience intolerable pain close to a mast. Yet these are simply the most intense sources of wild radiation and give by no means the greatest quantity.

All electrical appliances will radiate three types of energy:

Electrical impulses

Electro-magnetic waves

Scalar waves

The electrical impulses are the ones which we actually use to power our mobile phones, toothbrushes, televisions and so forth.

The electro-magnetic waves are the first sort of wild energy. For some time in the fifties and sixties the U.S. military tried to make "death ray weapons" with this energy but could not get it sufficiently in focus to kill immediately, only slowly. The same energy is used in microwave ovens where it does destroy all nutritional value leading to the phenomenon of obese people dying of starvation. In mobile phones this is the energy which warms up your ear and your brain.

The scalar waves are simultaneously the least researched and by far the most important.

Scalar waves are everywhere throughout the universe. They can be neither created nor destroyed, only blocked, distorted or superimposed upon each other. Alternatively, they can be focused, ordered and harmonised. Scalar waves are the basic information carriers which make ordered life possible. The cells of the human body for example communicate through scalar waves – anything else would be too slow and lead to the proliferation of wild cells. This should, of course give you the first clue as to why so many people develop cancer close to intense electro smog.

It has been known for more than a century that disorganised scalar waves will make your knees weak, give you headaches, delete your memory, etc., etc. (see the list on the electro smog intro page). It is unfortunate that very little further research has been done into this.

Disorderly generation of electric power and devices which use it disorderly all disorganise the scalar waves and transmit disruptive scalar waves throughout the vicinity. Where two or more such devices are in close proximity (e.g. mobile 'phone mast and the electric wiring in your home/office) they will each greatly intensify the disruptive effects which the other has created and quite easily disrupt the normal, healthy functioning of your body and mind. 

BUT. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!

This is just the one side of the coin.

It is, of course, a logical corollary of the information above that, if the transmitted scalar waves were ordered, then their effect would be exactly the opposite: They would ENHANCE the health of all creatures in their vicinity.

This is not only theoretically so, it has also been shown, by (without permission) attaching a simple ordering device to a mobile 'phone mast, to be both true and practical.

Mobile 'phone masts could, very cheaply, be made to transmit health instead of destruction. It is a matter of public awareness and pressure to make it happen.



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