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Para nosotros es muy importante tener clientes satisfechos.  Utilice tranquilamente los productos de Harmony United – tienen una garantía de satisfacción de 6 meses con devolución completa del precio de compra.

Además tienen una garantía de funcionamiento de 10 años.

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Air Courier Delivery

  • Any order with a value in excess of US$1100.00 will automatically be delivered by air courier. You do not need to do anything extra.
  • Orders under $1100.00 in value can be despatched by air courier by payment of a contribution to the courier charges.
  • This facility has been added in response to the continuous slowing down of the US Postal Service which, August 2006, is taking 12 - 14 days to deliver air mail after arrival in New York. This compares with 3 - 5 days last year.
  • Transit time from despatch at Harmony United to delivery World wide is normally 2 working days (no weekend deliveries).


Within Europe, by and large, this would not be a reasonable choice unless there were a particular urgency as it would, probably, be only one day quicker than normal mail. It is primarily outside Europe and especially in N. America that this is attractive.


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