Follow up report after 1 ½ years

My name is Marianne and I want to here list all the positive things that have happened to me during the last 1 ½ years.

The quality of my life is now about what it was some 20 years ago! Below is the list of illnesses that I have "lost" during the last 1 ½ years. For about one year, I have also been using the Harmony Headphones with 3 Harmony evolutions three times per day for about 30 minutes each time.

1.      My Fibromyalgia has almost completely disappeared. I just get occasional twinges with pressure pain. Then I don't use any medication but just put on my Harmony Headphones which I always have near me and the pain is soon gone.

2.      Due to the massive doses of pain killers I used to take, I never noticed that I had a chronic middle ear inflammation and that this was the cause of my being almost deaf on the left side. With the Harmony Headphones I have everything under control even though the ear specialist said that it would be impossible to live without pain killers.

3.      Due to the 13 operations I have undergone, I had such painfully inflamed scars that it was very uncomfortable even to turn over in bed. Since using the Harmony evolution, I just don't have these pains any more.

4.      I have also had no further migraine attacks since I started using the Harmony evolution.

5.      It was probably during the surgery upon my left breast cancer that I was infected with streptococci. From this I used to get 3 to 5 times per year a heavy inflammation with high fever and had to take to my bed for at least a week. When I placed my Harmony evolution upon the breast, the pain had virtually disappeared within the first hour and the fever greatly reduced. The following morning the inflammation was completely gone and it amused me greatly to see a single rectangular white spot where the Harmony evolution had been.

6.      My prolapse, which had been operated upon some 20 years previously, would still cause damp underwear when I coughed or sneezed. Even this problem has disappeared thanks to the Harmony evolution.

7.      The metastase upon the right ribs had encapsulated themselves and, occasionally, gave me extreme pain. Sticking the Harmony evolution onto my back right under the most painful point caused them to disappear in a very short time.

8.      Even my chronic stomach pains (probably due to the heavy doses of medications) have disappeared without trace.

9.      Due to my diabetes, I often had painful feet. I then took two Harmony Phone Chips and either put them into my shoes or stuck them to the underside of my ankles. This also greatly reduced the cramps and pain after strenuous exercise such as wandering or sport.

10.    Of course, due to the 50 radiation treatments and heavy medication, I had osteoporosis. Though the use of the Harmony evolutions I also have these pains under control.

11.    18 months ago, my liver tests showed readings around the 500 mark. I believe that it was because of taking such heavy medication for so many years that I had the liver reading of a long-term alcoholic. The readings have now fallen to 95, i.e. my body has been able to detoxify itself very significantly.

12.    I still get occasional intestinal bleeding but I soon get this under control without any medication.

The only illness which really remains is my diabetes but I think that I will also get rid of that. Two weeks ago I also began training in a women's fitness studio to regain my muscles and movement. 18 months ago this would have been not just impossible but completely unthinkable.

All in all one can see again and again that the majority of illnesses are just the effects of taking medication.

At the moment, the only medication I take is my insulin injections. I take neither pain killers, hormones nor any other substances. 18 months ago my medications cost the insurance company more than $52.00 (₤ 27.00) per day!

So you see that one can heal almost anything with the Harmony evolutions, often, however, one needs a little patience and perseverance.

I wish you much health and happiness,


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