Quantum Physics and Human Immunity


Beginning in April of 2009, there was a great deal of publicity about a possible major world health hazard. The vast majority of this has, unfortunately, been propagated by those having a large financial interest in persuading us that we are in great danger and need to purchase their products to save our lives.

 Modern scientific findings, however, place very great doubt upon the accuracy of many of these statements and suggest that "infectious diseases" in the way that we have been taught may not even exist!
You may well also have noticed that, despite very widespread rejection of vaccination, the "prophecied" mass-deaths didn't happen.

In the final part, the work of Gaston Naessens, continuing that of Pasteur's great rival Piere Béchamp, indicates that viruses and bacteria play no significant rôle in the creation and progress of disease and that
it is the quality of the electron information which is, in fact, the deciding factor.

Anyway, here it is all free for you. Read and decide for yourself.


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