The Harmony Super Charger

If you've read "The Harmony evolution Story" from our library (access via Main Index) you will have learned that this entire technological breakthrough began with the attempt to make a car engine work better.

To optimise the performance of your car, you needed one standard Harmony evolution upon the air intake, one upon the positive pole of the battery and one upon the centre of balance, i.e. either just before or just behind the gear stick.

We've come a long way since then and now things have come full circle.

In January 2005 we were asked to study the possibility of "healing" the multitudinous problems of one particular model of car which a certain auto manufacturer who prefers to remain nameless had somehow been talked into investing in. The model itself wasn't even designed by an auto manufacturer but by the guy who designed Swatch watches! How good do you think a cake baked by an expert in colonic irrigation is going to taste? For Goodness's sake!

Needless to say (otherwise we wouldn't mention it here) we solved all the problems. It takes up to eight standard Harmony evolutions to make a driveable car out of that particular model. There then arose a further problem in that the nameless auto manufacturer felt that it would not be possible to be certain that each car, as part of the production process, was fitted with all eight Harmony evolutions and all in their right places. We were asked to resolve this problem as well.

Thus was the Harmony Super Charger born.

The basic scalar processor is some 1200 times more powerful than the standard Harmony evolution which, in itself, caused some problems as such a device can be extremely uncomfortable to some people. We found that, by adding a time delay structure, this problem is completely overcome. We, then, had a device which will optimise all of the systems within a road vehicle from a single, central point. In addition to this, we are able to produce them at a cost significantly lower than the three standard Harmony evolutions which it replaces.

This is what it looks like and how to use it.

So, what does it do and how?

Any and all systems are a function of their scalar structure, i.e. the quality of the scalar structure determines how well the system will work. The more ordered the scalar structures, the more efficient the systems. This, then, gives us the following effects:


  • Better road holding and, consequently, reduced tyre wear (at least 50% less). More details here
  • Perfectly balanced braking and, consequently, shorter braking distance, better control in emergency and reduced brake pad wear (around 60%). More details here
  • Elimination of useless overpressure in the engine cylinder giving both quieter running and increased engine life. More details here
  • More complete burning giving greater power for less fuel and much cleaner exhaust emissions - government tests often show less than half the permitted levels. More details here
  • Reduced fuel consumption: Your engine will require less fuel for the same performance. If, however, you have electronic fuel injection, it may not be possible to reprogramme this. More details here
  • The elimination of electro smog within the vehicle will not only make driving a much pleasanter and safer experience because the information which you receive from the road and other vehicles around you will be much clearer, your in car stereo will also sound much better. More details here


Some of these advantages cannot, of course, be quantified in financial terms. Unless you regularly drive very long distances or have a large, commercial vehicle, it is unlikely that the fuel cost savings alone will justify the expenditure. How much is increased road safety and comfort worth to you? What does a set of tyres cost you? How much is environmental protection worth to you? How much does it cost to renew your brake pads? These are all things which you have to decide. All I can tell you is that anyone who has a Harmony Super Charger would never willingly give it up.

With commercial vehicles, this is a very different story. Here the financial savings can only be described as massive! Literally thousands of pounds each year! A 5% reduction in fuel consumption (that's the very least that you can expect) is a lot of money in the course of a year. How much does that set of tyres you no longer need put into your pocket? Less frequent oil changes and brake pad replacements all add to the positive balance in the books.

Quite apart from the health, safety and environmental benefits, this is an investment which it is impossible to reject - it makes sound, commercial sense.

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