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Harmony Omega Computer Desktop

The Harmony Omega Computer Desktop


Experiments have shown that a photograph of the Harmony Omega, primed in a special way, can let you experience up to 30% of the effect of the real Harmony Omega.

This is truly remarkable and a budget way to get started with the Harmony Omega.

Find more information on www.theharmonyomega.com

The Harmony Desktop Wallpaper must fit exactly on your computer.
In order to give you a Harmony Omega Wallpaper that fits your computer, we need to know your screen resolution.

Info: How to find out your screen resolution

Attention: If you want to order the Harmony Omega Computer Desktop but can't find your resolution in the selection list below, please write an email to webmaster@harmonyunited.com - we will then eventually add the requested resolution to the product pool. 



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US$ 107.00    pcs.  
delivery time: instant download after processing of payment

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