Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools:

For your swimming pool tapeĀ a Harmony evolution to the return pipe to the filter pump. If you use an automatic system for adding chemicals, experience has shown that the dramatic improvement in the water quality will more than halve the amount of chemicals required, i.e. in much less than one season you will have recouped the entire cost of the Harmony evolution and it is guaranteed to work for at least 10 years!!



The dramatic improvement in the water quality will also amaze and delight you.

Swimming in "chipped" water is a new experience.


You don't even have to purchase an extra Harmony evolution. You can use your own personal one. During the time that you are swimming, you will probably not wear your Harmony evolution. If it can be placed just above the surface of the water it will, over time, revitalise the entire pool. This will, of course, take very much longer than the optimal method - even with daily "treatment" it will take weeks instead of days. The choice, however, is there.