Drinking Water

Drinking Water

The worst water you can buy is water from plastic bottles! Not only may the water itself be no good but also the compounds in the plastic which dissolve into the water make this liquid a potential killer! The plastic compounds have been shown to lead to breast cancer in women and infertility in men!

Harmony evolution to the rescue!

For very many people, the very best water that you can get is that from the tap in your home and then to correct the energy structure back to water energy by placing a Harmony evolution under it. A two pint glass jug will be revitalized in about 25 seconds! A teacup in 4 – 5 seconds and a home swimming pool will take about 3 ½ days; it's a question of the quantity (the rate of improvement is an exponential.) If you keep fish at home they'll love it and, often, breed much better. Your plants will like it too and so will your body.

"Chipped" water will usually both taste and smell differently. Under the microscope it even looks different! (see photos) Your swimming pool water will feel more alive.
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Now, your body is around 80% water. What do you think will happen if you tape a Harmony evolution to your skin? Correct, your water and then your blood and then your cells and then your bones and everything else will get healthier.
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So the arthritis and the rheumatism and the hypertension and the osteoporosis and the fibromyalgia and a host of other problems which you've been building up for years because your blood wasn't strong enough either to carry away waste products or to properly deliver nutrients to all parts will very quickly disappear. You will even clean your brain and think better!

For your body simply tape the Harmony evolution to your skin almost anywhere. The best positions are the thymus gland and the lower abdomen two finger widths above the pelvic bone (see photos).

For your drinking, cooking and house plant water keep a Harmony evolution in your kitchen under a two pint glass jug kept full with water.

For the aquarium tape the Harmony evolution to the outside of the glass anywhere below water level.