Welcome to the Harmony
Easter Basket!

Oh, holy Easter egg – this year and all of our eggs have already hatched and fluffy yellow chicks are running about all over the Harmony United website and we need your help to catch them.

To compensate you for your efforts, we have something really special for. You can choose from 2 specials during the Easter promotion period:

1. Easter Chick Hunt for
up to 25% 20% 15% Discount

Find the chicks and click on them with your mouse to put them back into the hen house. Each chick that you catch brings you 2.5% discount up to a maximum of 25% on all Harmony United products.

The first Easter chick is at the top of the homepage below the Harmony logo.
There are more Easter chick to be found on other content pages and product description pages - they are either visible at first glance or you will have to scroll down to find them.
There is just one
chick per page, but not on every page is a chick.

The maximum number of easter chicks that you can cash in the Harmony Shop is ten. (We have to leave some over for others who may start later:-)

Every easter chick that you find up to the maximum of ten gives you an additional 1.5% discount on your purchase. This will be shown in the shopping basket as you confirm your order.  

Enjoy the search!

Please note: The duration of the action is guaranteed. If, however, the planned quota looks like running out, then the discount will be reduced from 2.5% to 2.0%, 1.5% or, subsequently, even to 1% per chick.

Note 2: The Harmony Auric and the Harmony Evolution Pendant are unfortunately excluded from the Easter discount due to production bottlenecks.

2. We're also wrapped up a couple of attractive Easter Packages for you:

At this time of the ancient fertility festival, permanently add zest to your life and return to your natural, healthy condition.

If you've been toying with the idea of going for one of the giant sets, then this is your Golden Opportunity.

The Harmony GIANT SAVER Set

Your personal Home and Office Harmonizer MK.III Your personal Harmony Super Charger Your personal Harmony "Headphone" set
with 3 Harmony Evolution
PLUS, completely free of charge:
2 additional Harmony Evolutions
and 2 Harmony Minis for your shoes, cell- and cordless phones

The same package is also available with 2 Harmony Pendants instead of standard Evolutions.

The Harmony SUPER CHARGER with 2 Minis

This is your perfect combination for beginning of spring. 2 Minis to pep up tired feet on extensive hikes and 1 Harmony SuperCharger for your car or motor bike. 


These special Easter packages are excluded from the Easter Chick Hunt and can not be discounted further.

A Happy Easter from
your Harmony United Team